AutoReveal 300 automatic car cover

AutoReveal 300 automatic car cover

500,00  / day
(615,00  inc tax)
500.00 zł
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This reveal system allows you to start stylishly with the push of a button. The revealing curtain disappears as if by magic.

AutoReveal is perfect for product launches, new car shows, or launches of just about anything that can be covered with a reveal curtain.

The Satinac curtain with standard dimensions of 8 x 5 m opens completely in 10 seconds. This AutoReveal curtain is made to order and sold separately. Change the jamb cover as you want thanks to easy Velcro fastening.

To reveal larger, van-sized items, check out AutoReveal 600.

Technical data
220V single-phase motor with wired remote control
Power supply: 230 V • 50 Hz • 16 A
Engine power: 0.435 kW
Output speed: 70 rpm
Output torque: 18 Nm
Duty cycle: S2:4min